Boosting Your Essay Writing Skills: 10 Quick Tips

You will have to write essays all through school. Therefore, it will be so important to make sure that you learn how to write them effectively. There are a few ways to boost your essay writing skills that will help you write better papers. You can learn how to write great essays by reading lots of essays and by following these 10 quick tips.

  1. Decide on a good topic
  2. It is really important to choose a topic to write your paper on. You will need to make sure that you write it on a topic that has enough information on it to meet the resource and page requirements but you also have to make sure that it is specific enough to really make a solid case.

  3. Create an outline
  4. Don’t write any paper without including an outline first. It is like a blueprint for a house and you will want to make sure that you plan your paper out so that you know what you will talk about and in what order you will talk about it.

  5. Vary sentence structure
  6. When you are writing a good paper, you should mix it up a little bit. Don’t always use the same sentence structure. You can help your paper flow nicely if you use more sentence structures then just a subject and then verb structure. (See how I varied the sentence structures in these three sentences).

  7. Vary sentence length
  8. You can also help the flow of your paper by varying the sentence length. Don’t only write long sentences. Choose to write sentences of all lengths long and short because it helps break up the paper and helps it read smoother.

  9. Use transitions
  10. You will need to use transitional phrases to move from one topic to the next. It is a great way to show your audience that you are switching topics.

  11. Give background information in introduction
  12. The introduction should introduce the topic so you will add any information that is needed to understand the rest of the paper.

  13. Focus on one reason to support thesis at a time
  14. You need to make sure that you choose a focus for your paper. It is one statement that your paper will be based off of.

  15. Restate thesis and main points in conclusion
  16. The conclusion should restate the main points in the paper as your one last chance of proving your point.

  17. List the reason and then explain it
  18. You don’t just want to list your reasons. You will also have to explain why these supporting facts prove your thesis. Don’t leave any room for interpretation.

  19. Edit your work
  20. Don’t forget to edit your work. Even if you are careful, it is so easy to make a mistake.