Inventing A Unique Essay Title On Lord Of The Flies

William Golding wrote a masterpiece in 1954. It is titled ‘Lord of the Flies’. Amazingly, the novel, since then, has given birth to a number of critiques, analysis and titles. It brings us closer to our mistakes and that is where it steals the show.

  • The compelling story
  • The story is about a group of children who lose the plot when they find that they have to manage an island. There is chaos, discord and consternation with a sole voice of reason in form of Simon. The novel mirrors the fact that however clean we may portray ourselves, we may also be tempted towards corruption when given a chance.

    The story is so multi-layered that any attempt to write an essay on it becomes an adventurous journey. You can pick any sub-plot and you are sure to find plenty of meat there. The pg-headed monster eventually comes out as a creation of our own making; signifying that we are perfectly able to conjure monsters.

  • Do merit
  • While thinking of a title that does merit to the novel, you have to be specific about the line you take. Otherwise, you may create a mess. After all, it is hard to balance the whole chaos in the sensational manner that Golding has managed.

    You also have to analyze the characters through your own perception; not what you read somewhere. The beauty of this novel is that everyone takes something different from it. For some, it is a dream situation, for others, it may be a ride through hell.

  • Try to be relevant
  • You also have to think of a title that is refreshingly relevant to modern times. You need to make concession to the fact that the novel was written 60 odd years ago. What catches everyone is how the novel seems so reverent and relevant even now. Perhaps, chaos in our lives will never end.

    We have taken care of the different factions of the story and its crests and troughs; we have also analyzed the plot, texts and characters. In doing so, we have managed to create a title that we feel hits the right note.

  • Is the end of innocence the beginning of intelligence?
  • We feel that this topic may lead you to think differently about the warps of the story and accordingly weave your own incisive essay. You just need to put passion into the writing; with as much energy as Golding has infused.