Ideas For An Essay About How Technology Improved The Quality Of The Human Life

The last few decades of technological development has made us grow at the speed of light. It has transformed many herculean tasks into easier one. Thereby world has become smaller and comfy place for all of us.

If you are supposed to write an essay on the benefits of technology and its role in elevating standards of human life, you should include following aspects like-

  • How cost of production has reduced?
  • How Networking has made life simpler?
  • How Scope of employment is on boom?
  • How complex tasks have become simpler?

Apart from that you should also include effect of technology on healthcare sector, education, mode of communication and business in your essay and cite its benefits. Write a 5 paragraph essay with a brilliant introduction, robust body and a heavily impacting conclusion.

Check out some amazing areas of technological development that has benefitted us magnificently-

  • Healthcare is one of the biggest sectors impacted by technology. Many troublesome diseases and lethal disorders have vanished in air after discovery of certain medicines. Even cancer has become curable. The lifespan of millions of people have increased. Communication between doctors and patients can be initiated at any point of day due to availability of cell phones and high end vehicles. Records are maintained on systems. Internet solves queries in a fraction of second. The supreme advanced medical research has introduced lots of preventive techniques. Furthermore, the cost of surgeries and operations has fallen drastically.
  • Education: The new learning environment has been created as a result of internet and computers. Distance learning, E- Learning and online learning has increased the scope of knowledge by making studies systematic and by offering personal attention to everyone living in remote areas. Response and queries are faster with effective and interesting teaching methods.
  • Mode of Communication: The huge growth in Social networking has made people converse with each other working remotely or on move. Instant talking saves time and has brought the whole world closer. The audio and video quality has improved.
  • Business: The emergence of advanced medicines and equipments has elevated standards of living. The National income has taken a lift. The automated process has reduced the cost of production. The ground breaking technology has uplifted global collaborations and partnerships. Company accounts are easier to maintain. Competitions can be won easily while complementing consumer’s needs.

Following points are must component of any high-scaled essay; however, due to certain reasons if you are still reluctant to write, check this site and it will help you with some more vibrant and informative ideas.