A Collection Of Thought-Provoking MBA Dissertation Topics

When doing a Masters program, especially a program like a Masters of Business Administration; the dissertation topics need extensive research and homework done. When you choose the topic, your essay should add value and weight or give a critical interpretation of the research which is currently being done.

As the Masters of Business Administration graduation program can have so many specializations, the essays or dissertations which are submitted at the end of the term too need to be as per the specialization is chosen. The essay should be relevant to the subjects which are chosen and in line with what the instructor would require from the student.

Here are some freelance research topics which can be chosen by students. The categorization is done basis the kind of MBA one has chosen:

    For those who have chosen Global business, the thesis topics are:

  • How global teams perform in multinational corporations
  • How do internationalization and globalization affect the performance of corporate governance firms
  • For those who want a thesis on strategy:

  • What are the benefits and risks associated with International joint ventures
  • What are the strategy and factors affecting the success of financial holding companies in international environments
  • For those who want topics on Technology and Innovation:

  • A comparison of the different methodologies for business improvement.
  • How does branding provide a competitive edge
  • For those into Corporate social responsibility:

  • How does the perception of the customer impact the customer loyalty where Corporate social responsibility is concerned
  • How does business education develop skills needed for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • For those specializing in Human Resources:

  • What forms and causes deviance in organizations
  • What are the effects when an acquisition is announced to the employees
  • For those students of International change

  • How can a framework be developed which will link the strategies with the unanticipated outcomes
  • Emotion management how can that be channelized
  • For those who want research thesis on leadership and innovation

  • What are the effects Leadership clarity and team innovation has in the organization
  • In large organizations, how do business leaders enable innovation

These are just some of the term dissertation papers that can be picked up as freelance homework assignments by students doing their MBA. The list of innovative and thought-provoking topics are numerous, and the student needs to choose a topic which he or she is interested in. Only when the student is interested in the topic can the research be complete in nature.