Great Ideas For Composing A Problem Solution Essay On Pollution

The first key to composing a great problem solution essay on pollution is coming up with a great topic that is interesting and unique to both you and the reader. Luckily, the subject has many sub-topics that and differing points of view that it is pretty easy to find something to write that will surely captivate audiences. One simply needs to turn on the television or the internet to find current issues that affect everyone. If you can’t come up with some topics of your own, here are some great ideas for you to consider for your problem solution essay on pollution:

  1. What does the poaching of endangered animals do to the environment and what can the international community do act?
  2. Explain how the melting of the polar ice caps is leading to rising sea levels and what people can do to slow or reverse its effect?
  3. Do you believe that U.S. automakers who are still in recovery from recession could afford to look at more expensive but less environmentally damaging solutions in manufacturing?
  4. What is the issue with how third world countries deal with the environment that makes it difficult for developed countries to reduce pollution?
  5. What do you believe is the biggest type of pollution in the area you live in (e.g., air, noise, water, etc.) and what suggestions do you have for minimizing it?
  6. What is the major issue of concern around fossil fuel consumption and how it would affect a nation’s economy? How would you solve the issue?
  7. What would you have the government do to encourage more auto manufacturing companies to invest in and develop zero-emission vehicles?
  8. Do you think that large SUVs should be banned or should there be a kind of penalty applied (e.g., a tax) if a vehicle emits large amounts of harmful waste?
  9. How do air quality regulations in major U.S. cities affect businesses? What solutions do you have for keeping businesses open and encouraging a healthy economy?
  10. Blended emission technology solutions have been around for several decades but have made far less headway with automakers and consumers. How would you address this issue?
  11. Which ideas to reduce emissions have proven to be the less successful and why has this been the result? Do you have alternative approaches that would remedy the situation?
  12. What is the biggest problem facing future generations if policies on pollution don’t change int eh next few years?