How To Come Up With A Good Title For An Essay On The Great Gatsby

Its not easy recreating a fine piece of art or well written piece of literature. Movies have shown us time and time again that “spin-offs” as they’re called, can sometimes be a lot worse than the original and then again, some spin-offs have been quite successful as well. Writing essays or stories based on original pieces is not a new thing, it exist as a genre better known as “fan-fiction”. Writing an essay on the Great Gatsby is fairly simple, choosing a title may be the hardest part and if you follow these simple steps, you should have no problem with that either:

  1. Read the novel in full.
  2. Writing about a story that you know nothing about may be nothing less than a futile task. Spend some time at a library or your favorite quiet place and read the novel from start to end. Get to know the characters and get a feel of their personalities, this way you can manipulate them to better suit the design of your own, original piece.

  3. Imagine the characters as you saw them and indulge in those ideas.
  4. We all watch moves or read stories where we disagree with the personalities of participants and now you have the ability to create the characters as you would have liked them. This has the potential to completely change the tone of the story and will make for an interesting alternative if you follow your imagination.

  5. Identify parts of the story that you would have liked to know more about.
  6. Many stories only imply or mention an event that has happened or will happen and this can sometimes be very frustrating, especially when the event sounds like it could be really interesting. For this reason, many fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate stories by their own design, using the same characters as in the original.

  7. Change a major decisions made by a character in the plot.
  8. Many actors and characters in stories often make decisions that everyone disagrees with and many find themselves shouting at the screen or book they’re reading. This is your opportunity to change that, you simply need to consider what could have been had things gone differently and include in your paper.

  9. Chose a topic
  10. Consider all the points above and design a title that suits your version of the story, completely ignoring the original.