How Do You Create A Great Novel Evaluation Essay?

In an evaluation essay, you should pick a topic and evaluate it by analyzing particular criteria. A famous novel is a great topic for such a paper. If you’ve never composed evaluation essays before, you should learn the steps that you should take in order to succeed. Read this article to enrich your knowledge on this matter.

  1. Read the primary source.
  2. If you want to analyze and evaluate a novel, you should read its full version. It won’t be enough to learn about the plot and characters. You need to know all the details in order to conduct valid research.

  3. Conduct your investigation.
  4. You need to define the criteria by which you’ll evaluate a novel. When it comes to novels, you may choose criteria such as the plot, atmosphere, realistic characters, and so on. You should come up with arguments that can be supported by evidence from the actual book. You may go to this site and receive professional assistance in order to select the right criteria and find good evidence.

  5. Make a thesis statement.
  6. Before you start your first draft, you should compose a sentence that will detail the overall purpose of your work and set up the course of your essay. This will be your thesis statement that you’ll build your entire paper around.

  7. Create an outline.
  8. An outline is a skeleton of your paper. It lists only the main points and indicates where they should be placed. If you write your essay based on a good outline, it’ll have a solid structure and smooth flow.

  9. Write the introduction.
  10. In the opening paragraph, you should introduce a novel that you’re going to evaluate and briefly remind the reader about its plot. Then, you should indicate why you’ve decided to analyze it and move on to your thesis statement.

  11. Write the body.
  12. The number of the body paragraphs should be equal to the number of the criteria that you decided to analyze. Different criteria should be discussed in separate paragraphs. Make sure to support your judgments with evidence from the book.

  13. Write the conclusion.
  14. Sum up the value of the criteria that you’ve discussed in the body and give your overall evaluation of the novel. State why it’s important to analyze pieces of literature, movies, and other mediums that are intended to convey some message to their audience.

  15. Proofread the entire paper.
  16. After you’ve written your essay, you should revise it a few times in order to find and eliminate mistakes.