How To Come Up With A Strong Essay Title About Life Of Pi: 5 Ideas

Essays are one of the most important things that we have been doing from our childhood. It has imbibed in us everything that we today know about writing and describing. SO we have always been in a need to write those things so that we can make our execution of describing things perfect. A title of a write up is quite the most important thing in your work.

You have to be very choosy about it as most of the attraction is generated by the simplicity or the complexity of the title that an author chooses to provide for his writing. So let us see what are the necessary steps needed to come up with a great title for your work and especially when it is about a great book later turned in to movie.

How to come up with a strong essay title:

  1. The first thing that you are needed to do is to have a thorough knowledge about the subject you have chosen to write about. You have to be very resourceful about your work and for that you have to go deep in to the realms of the works. The more you go deep the greater facts you unearth and thus you get more chances to know in details about the inner depths of the subject. Here you have been asked to talk about the book later turned film, Life of Pi. SO you have to watch the movie and go through the book to get a good knowledge about all that you can. Else you will be never be able to come up with a good topic and a good title.
  2. The second thing that you need to know is to be sure of the fact that you have chosen good topic to write about else you will never be able to have suitable title for it. You need to understand that the entire process of writing depends on the type of topic that you choose to write on. If you choose a topic that does not have enough sources to talk about then it will be a waste of choice and thus you won’t have a suitable piece of writing.
  3. You have to be very sure about the names that you have in your mind for your work. It should be catchy and should be attracting people else it is worthless. The nature of title should be that it should attract more readers.

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