4 Keys To Creating A Strong Narrative Response Essay

A narrative response essay is exactly what the words say; it is a response to a narrative essay written by someone else. A narrative response usually gives a definite opinion or tells a story about something. The narrative response is your opinion or your own take on the narrative essay that was written. Here are 4 keys to create a strong narrative response essay:

  1. Know why you are writing the response – Make sure you know exactly what you want to say in response to the narrative piece. It doesn’t matter what your response is as long as you have detailed, supporting evidence for your thoughts
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  3. These articles are usually written in the first person – This is one of the types of essays where it is appropriate to write in the first person. Most essays make a point of saying you should not write it from a personal standpoint. Since you are usually using personal experience to justify your response to this type of article, it makes sense that you write it in the first person.
  4. You don’t need a formal format for your essay – You don’t have to write the essay in a traditional format such as the thesis statement being in the introductory paragraph followed by at least 3 supporting paragraphs that makes up the body and ending with the conclusion. This type of article is usually written as a story, in chronological order so the reader can easily understand.
  5. Use vivid language that describes your response using as many of your five senses as possible. Explain to your reader in vivid detail your point of view. During your explanation, make sure you use descriptive words explaining what you saw as well as what you heard and felt so the reader can easily understand what you are trying to tell them.

This type of essay is the same as others in that you are using words to try and explain something that may be easier told. The writing does not have to be very formal because you are trying to be conversational. You can write in the same style as if you were speaking. As with any article you write, all you have to remember is that you have to be able to support whatever your response is with detailed information and examples. If you do that, your article will be excellent.