Basic Characteristics Of A Top-Grade Modern History Dissertation

For writing a modern history dissertation, you need to first brainstorm about a general topic which you can write on. Your Honours advisor will certainly brief you about the general topics covered and how to go beyond that. However, you need to know the basics of a good research paper on modern history. Check out the basics before you write your next college essay on modern history.

  • The components
  • Your research paper must include the following components in a sequential manner. First off, you need to create a title page which would include the title of the dissertation, your name on one copy and matriculation enrolment number on another copy. You should also include the name of the supervisor in the next page. Following this, you need to write a good thesis statement that would pretty much summarize the topic. You need to include a table of contents after the thesis statement. After that, you need to include a list of abbreviations and the main text will follow this list only. At the end, you need to add appendices, bibliography and acknowledgements.

  • Layout and length
  • As far as presentation is concerned, you need to follow the precise instructions to follow the basic instructions of your university. You must have a style sheet handed over by your instructor. Keep in mind that if you fail to follow the style sheet, marks will be deducted invariably. In general, you need to have deep familiarity with APA, Harvard and MLA writing styles. A thesis on modern history usually comes around 12000 words. Therefore, you need to try and reach this word count. Keep in mind that the word count Includes appendices and footnotes. Bibliography is not included in word count.

  • A step-by-step approach
  • Writing a research paper in modern history is not fairly easy. A cardinal element of a thesis is an outline, which you need to prepare long before the final submission date. This outline is much shorter than the main essay, as you can assume. Submit your outline to your doctoral supervisor and get his approval. After getting the approval, you can proceed towards writing the first draft.

  • Include information from peer-reviewed journals
  • Do not forget to include information you find in peer-reviewed journals. Do not consider the websites and portals in public domain as credible sources, as these sources are filled with outdated and inaccurate data in most cases.

If you have doubts, feel free to contact your supervisor before you start writing your thesis.