Creating A Dissertation Proposal On Employee Engagement

If you are tasked with creating a proposal for an academic paper that deals with employee engagement, you will have to deal with a variety of things at the same time. There are really low numbers that you will have to fight with and make sure you get things done on time. The point of view of the employee is also to be considered and you cannot ignore the fact that much has already been written for and against the subject. But you may always use the information in the literature review.

  • What is employee engagement?
  • It is good to start with the definition whenever you are dealing with a slightly offbeat topic and this is one of the most startling things that you will come across when looking at some of the best things that are available in the domain.

    Employee engagement is the practice of the management that engages employees in the work they do. This is often done to make things better for both the employees and the management and you will be able to notice the difference in attitude of employees in less than a month. These are generally workshop-oriented modules that most companies seem to follow.

  • The collective respect employees give one another
  • One of the major objectives of the workshop is to boost the amount of collective respect that the employees give one another when attending these workshops. There must be a level of respect that you attach to the employees when you are looking out for them. This is reflected when you throw back a look at the basic models they teach on the workshops.

  • How does the engagement change with different strata in the hierarchy?
  • There are several strata in the management hierarchy and it is a given that the employee would use his communication skills to effectively deal with the people in positions differently. An integral part of employee engagement programs is to ensure that this happens rather seamlessly.

    The way an employee gets going with his peers is pretty different from the way the person interacts with the immediate manager and this must be a part of the dissertation. This makes one of the basic models on the subject that you need to reflect upon.

  • Drawing the line
  • If you are interred in writing on a subject as complex as employee engagement, you will be happy to know that there are several ways in which you may actually go about things whenever necessary. Include this vital point in the dissertation.