Looking For An Example Of A Dissertation Conclusion

Assignments need to be opened and closed off neatly if they are to be taken seriously in an academic setting. A paper that is introduced poorly will seem less deserving of good grades than one is. Similarly the moment that you conclude your essay is the one that can leave a positive or negative final impression with the reader. If dissertation conclusions are what you are searching for here are some tips that will make the process clear:

  • Look through your previously written assignments
  • If you’ve written assignments in the past, you’ve also had to conclude them. This means that all of the source material you need here may already be in your possession. Look through all of your old work and see if the right sample is hiding in the midst of it all.

  • Ask friends to do the same and share their results
  • Even if you don’t own the right sample, there is a good chance that one of your friends or acquaintances does. Ask them during your next class and make sure they understand that you only want to see the last few paragraphs. This may make them more likely to share because the threat of plagiarism is significantly reduced.

  • Check out your campus resources
  • The library should have stocked many dissertations that you can read and learn from. Ask the librarians or their assistants and make sure they understand what it is you need and how you intend to use it.

  • Look at academic databases online
  • These can show you many different types of academic writing from theses to essays and you can read most of them in full. Several of them will be available at no charge to you if you are already signed up to their services.

  • Request a sample from an educator you get along with
  • Your professor should be the one to help you in this way but if not, try the teaching assistant or your own tutor.

  • Send out a request via your social network
  • This is a less commonly seen method but is still quite effective. Alert your friends lists on the various social media sites and let them ask the people you don’t know if they have samples you can use. You should end up with a good supply.

Be sure to use what you find wisely.