Picking Up A Controversial Essay Topic On Deforestation

Deforestation is a real and dangerous issue, but not many of your classmates know this. For many people, trees are just trees and it does not matter if forests disappear every year. If you write an essay on this topic, you have to make sure that you present them the real situation, and what can happen in the next few years if we don’t plant back the trees that we’ve cut. Here are some ideas that you have to keep in mind:

  • The governments will not admit the negative consequences. Sure, every politician will mention deforestation during his campaign, but after that everyone will forget about this. Even if they all know how dangerous it is to cut so many trees, they prefer to sell as much wood as they can. The population can’t know about what’s going on unless they search about this by themselves.
  • The environment is severely damages. In the last hundreds of years, we destroyed almost 70% of the planet’s forests. This sounds incredible just when you read it, but you can try to visualize the picture. The problem is that the rhythm of deforestation is not decreasing, so we have to expect to have even less forests in the future.
  • We get oxygen from trees. Maybe this is not clear for your colleagues, so you will have to explain it again to them. Without plants we can’t live, as there wouldn’t be anything to take the carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen. The less tress we have, the closer we get to destruction.
  • Animals suffer more than humans. We live in homes, so we don’t realize how bad the situation is. However, many animals will disappear soon because their natural habitat no longer exists. A few hundred years ago, there were forests in places where today we see big cities.
  • We can’t replace the forests fast enough. Even if tomorrow we all start planting trees, we still can’t replace the trees in effective way. The only way to make a positive difference is to literally stop cutting them for at least a few centuries and try to plant as much as we can in this time. If we don’t, the future generations will suffer as they will live in polluted cities. Also, most of the animals will disappear and there won’t be any virgin forests on the planet.