Composing A Winning Dissertation Proposal In Criminal Justice

To create the type of dissertation proposal in criminal justice that is worthy of a passing grade will need to be done carefully. However, when the right preparations are made you will find that there is not much trouble to be had with such a project. This article will do a nice job of pointing you in the right direction so that you can get started with the task of getting the dissertation proposal correct.

Selecting the right title

In the proposal you’ll have to give a title for your selected project and you have to back up the reasoning for the quality of the title. Here is a list of ideas that you can follow if you are interested in selecting the right title:

  • Modern: it is very important to select a title that is modern. The examiner would have already marked thousands of projects in their lifetime, and for that reasons you would do well to give them something fresh to take a peek at.
  • Interesting to you: it helps if you are able to select the kind of topic that is of considerable interest to you. Think about it, if the topic is not that interesting then it will be a big bore to complete the project from start to finish.
  • Lot of info: try to find a title that has a lot of info to be found and it is not too hard to find it. There is nothing worse than selecting a topic that might sound great, but during the research phase you have no clue where to find the right info for the project.

Thesis statement

To get the proposal complete you have to create a solid thesis statement. This will be the thing that will be responsible for explaining to the examiner what your project is going to be about. If you have never taken the time to complete a thesis statement before, then it is worth your time to figure out how to do this correctly. You’ll see that it will increase the chances of the proposal being accepted by the examiners.

The info presented to you in this article will certainly help get to the finish line without too much of a hassle.