Microbiology Dissertation Topics: How To Find A Good Idea

Microbiology is a great topic to cover for your dissertation, and you can find some great ideas online. There are so many different things you can cover that it will be easy to find a topic. Below, you will be given some general topics that you can cover, and once you start doing research on the subjects, it will take no time to find a specific topic. There will be some other topics included with the general topics to help you get an idea of the kind of topics that you can cover on the subject. You could also look up examples of other microbiology papers to help you understand how to cover the subject that you pick.

Microbiology Topics

  • You could do your paper on recent discoveries that have been made. This includes topics like flu shot shortages, antibacterial products, the antibacterial effects of certain spices, and so on.
  • Another great topic is the emerging infectious diseases that are happening, like Hepatitis C and SARS.
  • Bioterrorism is also a good topic; you can look at what kind of concerns like anthrax and smallpox have on people. You can also look at vaccines and antibiotics and how a shortage can have devastating effects.
  • Pathogens and how they can be linked to chronic diseases like Crohn’s disease, infertility, STDS, and so on.
  • Pathogens can also be linked to malignant cancers like Leukemia, Papillomavirus, and herpes virus.
  • Pathogenesis, pick a bacteria or virus to study.
  • Biotechnology, including creating pharmaceutical products by using bacteria.
  • Epidemiology is studying how foodborne illnesses are tracked and study how outbreaks start.
  • Pick a bacteria and examine how it affects you body. This can be microbiota, bacteria, probiotics, and so on.

These are more than enough topics to help you get started on your microbiology dissertation. You will want to make sure that you follow all of the directions for your paper since the format and preparation can vary from school to school. And if you need extra help with formatting or just general information on how to write it then you should search for help online. There you will find all of the information that you need to write a great paper and if you still need help, don’t be afraid to ask your advisor to help you. You picked them for a reason, and they want to see you succeed.