How To Come Up With The Best Essay Topic Ideas- A Guide For Middle School Students

One of the main evaluation tools in middle school is the essay. It is a great tool for teachers because unless you are a great writer, it really shows them how much you have learned about a subject. It also forces you to get a more in depth look into a topic within that genre. If you haven’t been given a topic and you have to come up with one yourself, it is both a positive and negative thing. It is positive because you have the ability to write about something that you know a little something about and something that you find interesting. However, coming up with a topic that will suit this assignment is not always easy. You will have to make up your mind about what to write the paper on.

Characteristics of a good topic

There are a few things that your topic has to be. The first is interesting which we already discussed and this is just because you tend to know more about something that you find interesting which means that you may have some of the base work done. It also has to be relevant. That is pretty obvious but needs to be said. You should also make sure that it is a unique topic. This is not as important as it used to be when you had to share resources in the library but it is still important. You don’t want your paper graded on its content and how it compares to Suzie’s paper. Your teacher may had planned on giving your paper a ninety until she read Suzie’s paper and gave her a ninety and your paper was just not as good. She would feel obligated then to reduce your grade. Ouch!! Don’t make this mistake.

Where to get ideas

You should check your text book for ideas. It is the best place to start anyways. You can get a good general topic there and then as you do some research, narrow it down. Check the table of contents for the general ideas or check the glossary. It is a great way to at least get some ideas floating around in your head. That way you can try to make sure that you put as much thought into what you will write about as possible. If you are still stuck, there are many sites that give essay topic examples that you can check out.