25 Interesting College Essay Prompts Related To Child Development

Being in college, is all about learning new things, and gaining knowledge. You will often attempt certain assignments more than a few times in order to rehearse and practice them. It is for your teacher to decide how many times he or she should assign you one kind of task in order for you to grasp it clearly. Essay writing starts way before college life and you attempt such papers since start of your academic career until the end. The subject for the assignment may or may not be of your choice. Some teachers let the students pick which subject they want to write about while other assigns a subject and let the students decide a niche. If you are to complete an effective assignment about a given subject, you have to start with an engaging topic. The title of your paper is critical because it helps the reader in knowing the overall direction of your assignment. Your reader can decide by looking at your title whether he or she wants to continue reading the rest of your assignment or not

If you are having a hard time in choosing the right topic for your essay on child development, then you should consider the following prompts

Topics about child development that are worth discussing

  1. How harmful is it for a pregnant women to smoke
  2. How do medicines effect the unborn baby in the first trimester
  3. Why is there an inclination towards C-section when natural birth is healthy
  4. Depression and its effect on the child
  5. Nursing your kid versus bottle-feeding, which is better and why
  6. How to distinguish ADHD from other personality disorders that arise out of child abuse
  7. How to protect our children against child abuse and bullying
  8. The survival game for kids with down syndrome
  9. Having several ultrasounds to check the development of the baby
  10. Anger management during second trimester
  11. Latency stage of child development
  12. First child versus the last child
  13. How does homelessness effect child development
  14. Gang awareness
  15. Gender discrimination
  16. Money
  17. Human sexuality
  18. Placement
  19. Depression in teens
  20. Building self-esteem and confidence in children
  21. Substance abuse
  22. Preventing pregnancy in teens
  23. Life in a foster care
  24. When does gender develop inside the womb of the mother
  25. Independence