MBA Dissertation Topics In Finance: 20 Questions To Consider

When doing an MBA dissertation in finance the topic you are going to be working on must be clear. With so many possibilities it can be hard to decide the specific direction you wish to proceed in. So if you’ve had problems with your MBA dissertation then here are 20 topics that you can begin to work on:

  1. Why do finance students have so many job opportunities once they leave?
  2. What are the top reasons to study finance in college?
  3. How can we do more to reduce a potential hosing market crash in the future?
  4. Is it a good idea to invest in gold?
  5. What are the top 3 precious metals to make an investment in?
  6. How can the finance markets be improved without any cheating?
  7. What are the top investments that the average person can make?
  8. Who should be in charge of the finance of a family?
  9. Do you believe that financial planning is better by the use of software?
  10. Give 3 finance related apps that are good for the economy?
  11. How do you think the debt crisis can be solved?
  12. What can be done to improve the level of income without harming the economy?
  13. How can the average family make better investment with less risk?
  14. Who should be in charge for taking charge of the economy?
  15. Do you feel that the laws who govern the economy are correct?
  16. How can the economy be improved so that the average family makes more money?
  17. Give a history of the housing market economy in the UK
  18. Give an account of the history of the housing market in the USA
  19. What can we learn from history to improve the economy of the future?
  20. How should we change our way of thinking to create a healthy economy?

The economy related titles above can help you get started today. If procrastination is something that you’ve had a problem with, then the list above can perhaps spur you into action. It has worked for many other students and you can also make use of it. So get started today and do not delay with this help.