15 Easy Informative Essay Topics About Texting & Driving

The issue of texting and driving has caused widespread debate in recent times, thanks to the occurrences of road accidents associated with it. Texting while driving has not\withstanding seen enactment of new traffic laws and regulations to charge those who are found doing so. On this premise, road safety is becoming a huge concern to authorities who view the increasing cases of accidents as a result of negligence on the side of motorists. Have you ever been onboard a public transit vehicle and the driver couldn’t stop texting? Did you feel your safety is at stake? A number of people have always complained of such incidences as when a diver is texting while driving and for those who have remained silent on this offense, you could be the next road accident victim and perhaps lose your life in no time.

In academia, students have been tasked to write an essay on this subject of texting and driving. From an experience point of view, crafting a great paper is something that will always take one a few minutes to a few hours. It gets even easier when you have survived an accident caused by the habit of texting and driving. To a student who has never had a firsthand experience of how it feels to be on board a vehicle when a driver is texted, a look at essay samples on the subject will give you a good leap. However, a good topic should always be the starting point and in this article, we take a look at some very informative ones to start you off.

  • To start with, texting and driving seems to be a habit deeply ingrained in today’s society and then texting community is at a risk of being wiped out when on the road driving and texting at the same time. On this premise, a good topic to begin with can be something like, what are the dangers associated with texting while driving?
  • The statistics of those who have lost their lives when driving and texting at the same time in U.S
  • An informative essay on the influence of smart phone revolution on text driving
  • Are social media sites the biggest contributors to text driving?
  • A look into law enforcement regarding the problem of text driving: What are the legal penalties meted on text drivers?