Top 12 Interesting High School Essay Topics On Hamlet

William Shakespeare may have died centuries ago, but his pen still lives. The plays that he wrote still command respect, but for most students; they are rather gall in the wormwood. Students note that they would have to work on the plays and create their pieces in tune with them in school and college.

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  1. Interpret the significance of the ghost (Hamlet’s father) in the play Hamlet – Now, the Elizabethan era loved to dabble in supernatural forces, and so quite a few of Shakespeare’s plays had ghosts; Macbeth, Julius Caesar and Tempest being lilting examples.
  2. Analyze the character of Hamlet as the play progresses – Hamlet’s characters has several shades and it would be interesting to take a personal perspective.
  3. Was Claudius actually an evil man – You need to note that murders were a norm in medieval times and didn’t necessarily point to cruelty. Claudius actually made sure that Hamlet rose into a dynamic prince.
  4. Assess the character of Gertrude – While many of Shakespeare’s female characters were headstrong (Lady Macbeth and Portia comes to mind), this is one character that is highly indecisive.
  5. Interpret the semblance of Hamlet’s friends – While they may be inconsequential, they actually show the relative strength of Hamlet through their deficiencies. In this way, their inclusion is vital.
  6. What part does Ophelia play – Ophelia, as a character, remains in the backdrop, and by falling into depression, she opens up a trait that is prevalent even in modern times.
  7. The assonance in writing – Shakespeare was particularly generous to Hamlet and the manner in which he has utilized several figures of speech in this play is astonishing. The particular monologue ‘To be or not to be’ continues to inspire millions.
  8. Madness in method or method in madness – In this, Hamlet cuts a stark note of similarity wit Macbeth. Yes, there is a glaring difference; Hamlet was an intensely good person at heart.
  9. The socio-economic standards of Hamlet’s era – There was a raw belief in monarchy; the common gentry remained fickle as is sadly the case even now.
  10. The bravery of Laertes – Ophelia’s brother Laertes had a clear notion that it would be a Herculean task to defeat Hamlet in swordsmanship. Yet, he took the noble route.
  11. The reason why Hamlet is extremely influential – The play revolves around the working of minds in different situations; whether it is Hamlet, Ophelia; Laertes, Gertrude or Claudius. Thus the inspirational value!
  12. Create a Hamlet-type story – You may not have the wisdom of the Bard, but it won’t heart to create a similar story with modern backdrop. You can always take inspiration from Hamlet.